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LCC's WiFi hotspot gateway products provide secure Internet access for 25+ guests at any type of venue or business. Increase your customer experience and business, the smart way !

Why LCC WiFi ?

Wi-Fi® technology makes our life more productive, convenient, and fun. If you have an LCC Broadband or other internet connection, why not maximize it’s potential by driving your business results. In a recent survey 47% of shoppers would be more likely to choose one store over another if it offered seamless, automatic Wi-Fi. 28% of shoppers would stay in a store longer if it had Wi-Fi access, the study also revealed. And not only are shoppers more likely to visit a store if it offers Wi-Fi — they're more likely to leave empty-handed if it doesn't. All kits backed by first class technical and marketing support.


  • Controlled data cap and bandwidth – minimises impact on your broadband connection 
  • Control access times and length – focuses WiFi users on your business
  • LAN Isolation  - security from your business network
  • Open DNS – controls access to content
  • Option to have users pay for access – self funding
  • Build database of customer logins for marketing new products and services
  • Login Page branding with your business
  • Re-direct to your web site or special web-page following log on

Use Your WiFi as your best marketing tool

When customer’s log-in to your hotspot, you can capture this data and use it to focus future business initiatives, products and services to people who know you. Build your brand by being there front and centre when they log on. Safe in the knowledge that your LCC broadband internet connection is still secure, reliable and fast.

Did you know out of 2,000 US and UK shoppers owning smartphones using local wifi questioned…

  • 40%  use their mobile device to look up product coupons 
  • 40% look up similar products to do price comparisons. 
  • 40% percent take photos of products they're interested in. 
  • 36% percent text, call or video chat someone to get their opinion on a product.
  • 35% percent look up product reviews.
  • 16% access the store's customer service website.

Your WiFi hotspot kit & subscription includes:

  • WiFi Hotspot Router
  • Power Supply
  • 1 years OpenDNS license
  • 20M Ethernet Cable
  • WiFi Hotspot Logo Window Sign
  • LCC Technical and Marketing Support
  • Installation assistance
  • Free pre-configuration
  • Maintenance