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Representing arguably the fastest growing set of applications most suited for LCCellular solutions.


With the adoption of Chip and PIN the retail market is re-examining EPOS hardware and solutions. Mobile POS are now economically competitive to run as either a primary or secondary connection. Additionally the advent of sophisticated ‘Unattended payment Terminals’ brings the possibility of using credit or debit cards in situations where previously cash was the only alternative. This can drive up the value of the goods on sale in these remote units. It also reduces or eliminates the need for handling cash, cutting risk and cost.


Car parking is just the starting point when it comes to taking advantage of M2Ms fast installation and low running costs. Authorisation for ticket can be completed within seconds with always on GPRS.


With higher value goods a realistic option Vending companies need to know what is going on in their estate at a moment’s notice. Stock management, remote diagnostics, the ability to update prices or even fraud detection can all be added to vending solutions.